tIIMEx Research

The tIIMEx (truly Immersive and Interactive Multimedia Experiences) research theme, founded in 2014, conducts research on the design, development and Quality of Experience (QoE) evaluation of Immersive and Interactive multimedia experiences. We currently focus on multisensory media (olfaction, haptic etc.), augmented and virtual reality as well as wearable sensor systems. It undertakes application focused research on how multimedia can be employed within the following domains:

  • Health - currently working on projects on motion analysis for total hip replacement recovery and GAIT re-education, and the design of VR scenarios to address independent living/social interactions in persons with autistic spectrum disorder.

  • Education - examining how multisensory multimedia can support novel and enhanced learning experiences.

  • Tourism - an example of the work we do in terms of tourism is the development of immersive multisensory VR tourism experiences as part of QoE evaluations.

  • Entertainment - QoE evaluations of multisensory multimedia synchronization.

  • Gamification - Serious Gaming

  • Quality of Experience => Quality of Life

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and wearable sensor systems in Smart Manufacturing - Industry 4.0